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What is this project about?

Development of the Pedagogical Studies for Teachers


The aim of this project is to develop the competence base of teachers, especially as a part of the Subject Teacher Education and the reform of the Master’s programmes at the University of Helsinki.

The project is done in cooperation with the Department of Education, subject faculties, training and field schools and cooperation universities. The aim of the project is to develop well-functioning cooperation models for the pedagogical studies for teachers. The outcomes of the project will be shared on this website and are accessible by any interested parties and/or universities.


Cooperation partners: the Faculties providing Teacher Education at the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, the University of the Arts Helsinki, the training schools and the field schools (Helsinki, Vantaa).

Inquiries: Docent Inkeri Ruokonen, University of Helsinki, inkeri.ruokonen (at)


Seminars are a way to share latest research through keynote speakers but also to enable collaboration and creation of new ideas through innovative workshops and group discussions. The seminars listed in the timeline include those from other ongoing projects as well, which we are in collaboration with.


Pedagogical pilot models are designed and developed cross-disciplinary. The collaborations happen between various contributors including participants from other universities, our training schools and our university's student representatives.  

seminar timeline

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