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We are happy to invite you to the 10th International Conference of Intercultural Arts Education on Friday 12th of October 2018 to the Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki (Siltavuorenpenger 10, Aurora building, Auditorium 230).

The general aim of the interdisciplinary conference is to discover and share new pedagogical ideas, practices and research on Arts Education promoting learning and creativity. We are very grateful to our Keynote Speakers, our partners the Aalto University, the University of Arts, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, the Tallin University, the Concert Centre, the City of Helsinki and the Faculty of Educational Sciences and the Ministry of Education and Culture for the collaboration organizing this international conference.


We celebrate the 10th Anniversary of our conference with the theme of Arts, Skills and Future Learning.

Our Keynote speakers promote the value of creative and interdisciplinary pedagogical approach, improvisation and co-operation. We invite the participants to actively imagine and design the models of future learning through, in and about the arts.


Inkeri Ruokonen and Heikki Ruismäki (ECA, University of Helsinki)

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